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Event : 8 Mai 2004 ; "Unlearn Show" - The Hueman / Ted Savage Tribute...

"My culture is not a tourist attraction..." Words from Hueman who blessed us with work of the highest calabre; an emcee from the Groundworks crew, who ascended from this planet in March 2003. An unmistakeble voice, an unmatched personality. He was Hip-Hop! You would always hear him say, "yo my peoples..." Here's to you...my peoples!!!

Listen : Extract of Hueman's track
- (Stereotype)type of the Groundworks - "Demolition : The Me-Story" click here to listen

Shouts out first and foremost to Tad Savage, Kingpin, Mark Judah & Devious who already passed flesh from this 3rd dimension. Their work here on our space-ship Mother Earth was fullfilled and their life-forces were more needed somewhere else; somewhere in this (multi-dimensional-) universe. Peace to the gods!!

These photos were taken by Iggy from Oil Spills Productions outside Neekay's house in Guguletu (a Cape Town ghetto) at The Tad Savage/ Hueman Tribute Show in May 2004, organized by 'UNLEARN', underground events organizers dedicated to showcase the illest artist in the scene. Try to catch people you know in these photos... like Coriander (5th Floor), T.O.P & "X" (Archetypes), Monolinth & King Daniel (Uncanny Cessmen), Faith47, Zwai (First Case), Domz ('UNLEARN'), Kaptain (Ground Works), Raiko (A.N.D.), Castro, Rozanno,... and more.

This show was a tribute to the life and times of Hueman, for those you who didn't know Neekay, he was an emcee from the Ground Works crew, one of the most influencial crews in the S.A.-underground scene. I remember checking them out at the Brainstorm matinees days organized by 5th Floor, which now feels like way back in dayz. But it wasn't that long ago... was it? I guess it feels like a span of time already passed by, but its more like a way of seeing our growth as a movement. If you were there, then you would know... if you weren't there, then you need to know!
Listen : Extracts of the Hueman/Tad Savage Tribute Live Show :
- Introduction by Kaptain my Kaptain (Groundworks) click here to listen
- Self - Free style (Groundworks) click here to listen
- Verbal Lucifer ( Archetypes) click here to listen
- Spark the ponder ( Queen Evesdrop ) click here to listen
- Zwai ( First Case ) click here to listen
- Reincarnation ( Multi-Verse aka Donnie Dark.) click here to listen


Yeah true there were nuff things happening on a Hip Hop tip... like with all the other scenes for that matter. But what really grabbed your attention was that Hip Hop was one of the few movements (like Dance Hall too) that was really reaching out to the ghetto's. Yeah all the parties and shows usually took place in the centre, smack in the middle of town. But there were a growing feeling to take shit back to the periphery, back to the ghetto.
Thats where most of us really come from in anyway and thats where we got our first intro to the Hip Hop-culture. To true you had mad town cats that felt they were too white to enter park jams and ghetto gigz, but in anyway that was a lame excuse. Cause dude look around fuck! Shit is mad integrated if you haven't woken up and smelled the coffee...
I remember one J-sek cat (and please no disrespect here) actually telling me for instance he didn't want to go to the Black August show in Mitchells Plain featuring local and overseas cats like GroundWorks, Black Thought (from the Roots), Jeru, Dead Prez, and I don't know who..., just because it was there. The movement really brings peoples together from different shit... I mean like here was this Jo-burg cat too scared to enter a Cape Town ghetto when there were white German and Swedish girls at the the show, fucken loving shit.
Some cats need to trade there balls for... You know what I'm trying to say! Peepz need to move out of their little comfort zone and "LIVE A LITTLE!!So yea h... yeah I tend to go off a bit on some shit; getting a bit carried away and all.
So one Saterday morning I was on my way to one of these park jams in Gugz and took a taxi with Hueman, just weeks before his ascention into the other world... We were conversing about launching new projects and concepts. He had this idea in mind:"...yo brother... I gotta stay alive...". He said he was not trying to do anything that would jeopardize his existence / do anything that was life-threatning... like jump out of an aeroplane, scale a rockface, do bad drugs... In fact he was telling me more then just these words...

he was telling me about his intuition, his instinctive feeling. Like he knew without knowing... Soon after that, his work here was finished... for now. He teached me how to live life like there is no tomorrow, only the continuing present tense...presented as a present worth more then silver and gold.

Here's to you... We will never die!!!

A lot more can be said about our fallen soldiers ! In a period of about 2 years we had to say our final goodbyes to our peoples that really influenced, inspired and gave content (and expression) to our idea of Hip Hop, based on our very own, very unique S.A. experience! Thats something that no one can fuck with; no one can erase the fingerprints, the footprints these soldiers imprinted in our pschy. They will always be with us...


To be continued ...
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