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Groundworks : Grimmey hard-core straight to the bone marrow

Nine member crew featuring Oh Kaptain my Kap'n, Gemini, HueMan, Breeze, S.E.L.F., Non Depiction, Krook'd (the War Monger), Snazz(the Dictator) and Lord Bonafide. In Aug.2003 Ground Works released its debut album "Demolition: The Me-Story". This long-awaited masterpiece has been in the makings since 1999, when the group first formed. The crew is well renowned from Cape Town, Johannesburg to the Eastern Cape for their star-cast of cut-throat lyricist and grimy banging beats.

Frontline soldiers for real, doing the groundwork... paving the way for other similiar minded heads to join and follow. There was a time when without fail you would see them on stage at all the Hip Hop shows and still... still today! Ground Works is synonymous with underground Hip Hop, make no mistake about that! They've earned the respect (the well-deserved-, hard-worked-for...respect) of everyone in the scene... you can catch them outmaneouvre, outbattle, outshine, outrhyme cats in a jiffy. Dude they got mad styles... Crazy shit! After seeing one of their shows... The next day you are almost sure their anthems will be imprinted in your braincells, like..."GROUND WORKS! THE SOUND HURTS!" Out of their stables came some of the illest, dopest underground productions, like Huemans' Stereotype(Type), Dungeon Keepers, Casualties of Raw! You have to, have to... must give them a listen... no more then that.... make some contact with them via the net! Don't be shy...

Listen : Extracts of the album " Demolition: the me-story "
- Casualties of Raw click here to listen
- Dungeon Keepers click here to listen
- Essays on S A click here to listen
- Flip of da Tongue click here to listen


Groundworks's interview : with Kaptain my Kap'n (emcee of the band)

" We started out just as heads holding shit down on an individual level. Then myself, Gemini, and Hueman came with the idea of creating an collective... a super crew! From a perspective of cats that want to build on an independent level, not trying to go to big record companies / labels. To build from the ground up, henceforth the name Groundworks…we start from the ground and build up from there. A forefront crew that lead and pave the way for other ground-roots heads."

- On the life and time of Hueman :
"He was a phenominal cat not only was he one of my best friends, he was an inspiration to a whole community of heads. He was more like the cat coming straight out of the township structures…with that ‘don’t give a fuck attitude’ at the same time with a real tight grip on reality. I’ve never seen Hueman not get in a club for free…he was always on the hustle. Even in his rhymes he was an inspiration…he was speaking alot about what was going on around him. He touched the lives of mad cats out there... spending time with Mr.Len (Def Jux) when he was out here. Hueman is this that,... the original man."


Groundworks in few dates
  • March 2000- Groundworks founded the the Hotbox, an underground Hip-Hop radio-show @UCT Radio,CPT. Gemini, Breeze, Non-Depiction and S.E.L.F. headed this operation and the show ran for two years.
  • May 2000- Groundworks featured alongside DJ Mr.LEN and Jean grey from Company Flow(New York)
  • Sept.2001-Groundworks performed @ Princeton High(CPT) with the Black August crew: Talib Kweli (Black Star), Black Thought (The Roots), Jeru the Damaja and Boots (the Coup).
  • Nov.2002 - Groundworks featured on the Beach Rd. Studios compilation, recorded live @ SABC,CPT
  • Nov. 2003 - Groundworks won the prize for the most popular track,"Stereotype Type", on the Y FM Harambe show.


Groundworks's contact

Kaptain My Kapt'n at : groundworks@execs.com



To be continued ...
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