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Archetypes : "Smart ass, ready to spark a mic!"

Consisting of Otis Larynx, T.O.P., Hyphen and X the 24th Letter, their are a wicked young ensemble of fiery and wide-eyed MC's who are always ready to spark a microphone. If not that, they are out there hustling studio time to lay down their tracks. From Gugulethu (CPT), they combine a unique style of rhyme and their smart-ass attitude about the "wackness" of the everyday hustle to bring out a sense of cool and admiration for the wisdom of young people, who express themselves honestly. They have featured in numerous shows with Ground Works and perfromed at Fire on the Mountain Fes.(2002) and the Y FM/Cell C sponsored event Jozi vs Ikapa, CPT (2003). In addition their work feature on the Pavement Special Vol.1 compilation.



Listen: Tracks of Archetypes
- Third World Hustle : click here to listen
- Durable like Batteries : click here to listen
- Psyche Screwing : click here to listen
- Verbal Lucifer : click here to listen

When you check cyphers outside clubs, in alleys, in streets and whatnot you are almost sure to find one of these cats in the thick of things... killing shit! If you're a MC in S.A. you most properbly battled at least one of them; they are a force to be reconed with, cats you want to rhyme with... In true Hip Hop spirit you find a type of camaradery that you miss when you not around and even when you are... you often tend over-look it, but for true, you can fucken feel the shit when its going down. You are sure to find them at the end of Hip Hop shows still bouncing to the -issh, not missing out on nadda... trying to catch all of the goodness, all of the shit.

They've shown mad initiative in organizing their own weekly gigz in a Obz-bar called "Shebeen's"; a dark dingy spot...most perfect for the underground. Mad cats stepped up to the open mic and you would be more then sure to catch both local and overseas productions on the playlist. Cats would make moves from the ghetto's to try and catch this, even if there were no way of getting back home late night with transport. Only problem was that the fucken management hated peepz to light-up the calli-sensi...
... So it became obvious the venue would not gonna hold out for to long. And thats just what happened.
From park-jams to the big shows, from Gugz to Obz, from Town to J-sec, Archetypes have really held shit down. Their individual styles really complement each other... one cat kills it on the concepts while the other just come through with some jabbing uppercuts- outright battle shit. Off the head and off the pen, don't fuck with these soldiers! In their own words, "...Archy fuck with your sarchy-types".


To be continued ...
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